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The ModuLab brings the laboratory to you, wherever you are, enabling accurate analysis directly in the field and in real time. This mobility revolutionises access to information and decision-making, making processes faster and more flexible than ever.


ModuLab adapts to your specific needs thanks to its modular design, allowing you to add or modify features as your projects evolve. This adaptability ensures that your system always remains at the cutting edge, whatever your analysis requirements.


ModuLab offers a fluid and intuitive user experience, with plug-and-play features that simplify the implementation of analyses. This fluidity ensures an effortless transition from data collection to analysis, optimising operational efficiency.

ModuLab, our innovative mobile laboratory, is available to buy, hire or provide as a service. TerrAnalytiX provides you with expert teams, specially trained in the use of the ModuLab, to carry out efficient and accurate field analyses. This flexible approach ensures that you can access our cutting-edge technology in a way that suits your needs, with the technical support and expertise required to maximise your on-site analysis results.