Our instruments

Benchtop analyser

Combined XRD-XRF discrete analysis :

  • Speed: Synergy between two instruments for fast, coordinated XRD-XRF and Raman analysis.
  • Versatility: Adaptability for in-depth or independent analyses, offering precise chemical and mineralogical characterisation.
  • Automation and accuracy: An automated data workflow that guarantees detailed, accurate analyses in 20 minutes per sample, without compromising quality.

Carrot scanner

Morphological, chemical and mineralogical analysis:

  • Efficiency: Able to carry out continuous analyses thanks to its multi-sensor scanner, reducing the time required for analyses in the field.
  • Flexibility: Offers the possibility of integrating different sensors according to specific analysis needs, enabling adaptable and comprehensive geological exploration.
  • Intelligence and precision: Uses artificial intelligence software for data processing and analysis, ensuring accurate results for fast, informed decision-making in geological exploration.